INNOVATHENS launches in 2022 with a new Podcast section

INNOVATHENS, the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, welcomes in 2022 with a brand new Podcast section but also an exciting educational program of free workshops and seminars, specially designed according to needs market and modern professional. .


The podcast, one of the fastest growing communication channels in recent years that has reached millions of listeners worldwide, comes from Monday January 10, 2022 at 8:30 a.m. and every Monday in parallel on the INNOVATHENS channel in Ancre to answer the most crucial questions of the modern professional. The highly anticipated new podcast section is digitally oriented and consists of four seasons, 12 short episodes each (48 in total) that will cover the areas Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, Advertising and Online PR Mail Marketing.

Free workshops and seminars in January

Start of free workshops and seminars in January Monday January 10 and will take place online, for a limited number of participants, via ZOOM or live streaming. In the first training program of the year, participants will explore areas such as digital marketing, SEO, project management, and soft skills development.

More in detail:

Future digital marketers have the opportunity to be trained in digital marketing through 3-day digital marketing workshop who will present in 12 hours how to build a unified digital communication strategy through websites, major social media, Google Adwords and Analytics, etc. Participants will learn how to manage websites, know the basics of SEO and engagement and by the end of the workshop will be able to predict digital marketing risks and distinguish their competitive advantage.

For those who want to go even further in this area, 5 day digital marketing program starts January 10 and “will run” throughout the second week of the month (early bird until Wednesday January 5). Through an intensive course lasting a total of 20 hours, participants will learn to plan successfully websites and implement mobile marketing actions + PL System, will be familiar with SEO techniques (in particular, the area of ​​expired fields), will discover the most important advertising alternatives and tips from the most popular social networks. The laboratory will also examine Extension and extension level podcasts for landing pages and importance of one page sites with apps.

In the WordPress Websites & SEO lab, Participants will learn how to build a website … from scratch, while for professionals in the communication and marketing field as well as journalists, business owners and entrepreneurs, the SEO Short Business course comes for the first time to present in a practical way “secrets” to optimize a website or an online store in the search engines (SEO).

The laboratory program is complemented by two laboratories in collaboration with 365 Evolution Lab and reporter Irini Kasdagli, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) certified professional, life coach and founder of the company. the Be you … Unique will explore a 21st century meta-skill, self-knowledge, challenging us to get to know ourselves, become aware of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and live our lives in harmony with ourselves and others. or, both personally and professionally.

Free seminars

The fixed appointments this month for the INNOVATHENS public are the free seminars established. the Personal development will demonstrate how personal development is associated with self-realization and ideal leadership (leadership), while in Pata pause! (in collaboration with the 365 Evolution Lab) will establish a first contact with the concept of mindfulness and how, thanks to this great skill, we can live in a more qualitative way.

To finish, 2 hour live streaming project management answer questions such as what is project management, how is managing a project different from running a business, how effective leadership is combined with teamwork , how team spirit is developed and used, as well as current issues such as remote management and how project management in times of crisis.


With Gerasimos Tzamarelos, director of INNOVATHENS Antonis Oikonomou, electrical engineer NTUA, with extensive experience in technical management of industrial automation projects, management of R&D programs in robotics and computer science and management of high-tech companies.

Detailed information on all workshops, dates and costs can be found on its official website INNOVATHENS. they are offered 50% discount in workshops, for the whole year, as well as unique privileges, such as access to premium content and personalized coaching, if you become a member through INNOVATHENS Membership.

Edited by: Kalliopi Aslanidou

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