Israel365 Media Awakens Pro-Israel Christians Around The World To Start Doing Business With Israel

Israel365 Media expands in Israel consumer products will focus on the evangelical market.

For those considering expanding the reach of their business to Israel advocates, tourists, consumers, or thought leaders, Israel365 Media is the perfect partner for any digital marketing needs. As the only agency in Israel connecting Israeli startups and organizations with the conservative evangelical market abroad, Israel365 Media has developed a unique method to connect products made in Israel to America’s largest Christian community. Their process involves a complex cloud-based strategic marketing approach. They are Israel-centered (and based). Their long-standing relationship with the evangelical community has armed them with a deep understanding of the Christian market and their values.

“There are 91,000,000 evangelicals in the United States, most of whom are pro-Israel. Our audience represents the largest group of pro-Israel Christians on the internet and we find that marketing Israeli consumer products to them is a tremendous business opportunity to develop. We are proud to build bridges between the faith-based Christian market and Israeli companies looking to move digitally, ”said Shlomo Schreibman, vice president of business development for Israel365 Media.

Israel365 Media can handle everything from developing a three-year strategic plan to growing its customer base to optimizing campaigns to drive higher ROI. To do this, they offer basic services like website development and optimization, SEO + PPC, content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, media and advertising, management. social media and lead generation.

By implementing targeted and engaging online campaigns, the Israel365 Media team has successfully acquired over 500,000 prospects and over 50,000 clients and donors. Not to mention that they generated over 100 million page views and sent over 20 million emails per month. However, the success of Israel365 Media is not just based on their broad reach, but also on their knowledge of what works best with a pro-Israel audience.

This, along with their over 10 years of digital marketing experience, ultimately won the loyalty and trust of campaign clients like eTeacher Group, Lightsail, iAngels, IDF, Sonovia, Ahava, Lipogen, Adi Watches, and many more. others. In fact, Israel365 Media has a proven track record of building customer loyalty for over 5 years on average.

“There are 91,000,000 Christians who love Israel and would prefer to do business with the Holy Land. Not only are we the only ones talking to them, we’re the only ones who know how to talk to them, ”said David Sidman, editor of the site.

Israel365 Media has been promoting Israeli startups and consumer products for over 10 years, with nearly 30 employees who are all Israel lovers, Christians and Jews. Led by a team of faith-based thought leaders who are committed to the success of genuine business links between the two monotheistic religions, clients can have peace of mind knowing that there are dedicated people to help shape them a multi-faceted approach to the best position. their business or organization in the digital space.

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About Israel 365 Media

Israel365 Media began when Rabbi Tuly Weisz wanted to help nonprofits present their causes and products to Zionist Christians. Since then, their team has grown to help both nonprofits and many for-profit businesses, not only with the media, but also with an A-to-Z marketing approach and implementation.

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