Join the world of Aether Gazer in its new closed beta test

At THP, we are always on the lookout for new games, and Aether Observer released a new update. Even better, this is no ordinary update, but rather a chance to play the game before its official release! Yostar Games has opened closed beta test registrations, and just about anyone can sign up and join to play. 🤩 Interested in joining the CBT but don’t know how? Intrigued by the content of the game and wanting to know more about Aether Observer? We are here for you, let’s review everything there is to know about this innovative game! 🔥

Welcome to Gaea

Aether Observer is an addictive anime RPG filled with stunning characters and thrilling combat sequences. And in the game is Gaea, the world where everything happens. We wrote about Aether Observer before, but we still have to point out how intriguing it is. From character design to plot and adventures, there’s always something to admire from what we’ve seen. Also, the first combat trailer was released recently, and it’s a must-watch!

Here, the game presented us with different trios of fighters with a huge range of abilities and weapons. From long range combat to swords and brute force weapons, there’s always a character to enjoy playing with! The characters shone in the fight trailer, with flashy moves that pack more than a punch. They all have colors, weapons, and traits that set them apart from the rest, and we’re excited to see more of them with new characters and scenes! 😍

How to Participate in Closed Beta Testing

Accessing the CBT means entering the world of Gaea before anyone else and playing through the early chapters of the main storyline. CBT players can also encounter over twenty characters in the game, each with their own charms and fighting styles. A few have already caught our eye, and we can’t wait to see them in Gaea!

Image source: Yostar Games

If you are motivated to start playing Aether Observer but you’re feeling impatient like us, you’ve joined the perfect time – closed beta registrations are open to the general public! As long as you have access to an Android device and reside in North America, Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia; you are good to register. ✅ The link to register is on the official website, but don’t delay, registration ends on August 31 at 5:00 p.m. (UTC-7). Once the registration process is complete, keep your fingers crossed that only 5,000 players will be selected for the special game preview!

What’s your favorite part of the fight trailer released? Have you registered for Aether Observer beta test closed yet? Let us know in the comments below or via our Instagram and Twitter!

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