“Junkrat Trap” will return in the next beta of Overwatch 2

Junkrat’s “Trap” ability will return in the next iteration of the Overwatch 2 beta, according to the developers.

Geoff Goodman, Lead Hero Designer for Overwatch, recently sat down for an interview with Overwatch players and Twitch streamers ML7 and SVB. While the interview covered a variety of topics, one of the moves announced to make waves was the functional return of a much-loved Junkrat ability: his trap.

Previously, the developers wanted to reduce its crowd control abilities by slowing enemies rather than completely stunning them. Now it looks like they’ve reversed their decision, opting to give Junkrat the chance to pin down opponents again.

“I think we felt it was a bit more on the good side of CC. You can kill him, you can see him,” Goodman said, “It doesn’t completely stun you either. You can still shoot and use some of your abilities to escape.”

The announcement was met with mixed results by fans. Clearly, those running Junkrat are excited to be able to make a return in Overwatch 2. Others have expressed concern about his reappearance, calling the previous tweaks some of the best changes from the original game.

The ruling, of course, is virtually unenforceable until the second round of beta testing rolls around. DBLTAP cannot confirm a set of concrete dates for the beta at the time of writing. However, with the release of the interview, it may not be as far as players think.

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