Kansas City Royals unveil City Connect uniforms

The Kansas City Royals have unveiled their City Connect uniforms, a tribute to the city’s iconic fountains and art deco architecture.

“They’ve been an important part of Kansas City beautifying the streets,” said Sarah Tourville, senior vice-president of the Royals. “There was a fine line between making sure it was complementary to your overall uniform portfolio, not offending the baseball purist but also edgy enough to do what it was meant to do, which is to attract a younger, more diverse fan.”

The logo on the sleeve is a homage to the team’s original franchise logo from 1969. The triple braiding on the sleeves recalls the team’s uniform from the 1980s while the new number style references the art deco architecture of the city. Inside the collar is “HEY HEY HEY HEY” in stitching, a nod to the Royals victory song by Paul McCartney.

While the Royals are traditionally associated with powder blue, the decision to opt for navy is a reference to the city’s baseball history with Athletics, the Monarchs, Blues, Blue Sox and Packers all wearing uniform at one time or another.

“The only thing we didn’t do was barbecue,” Tourville said. “It was so obvious and we wanted something fresher and cutting edge.”

The Royals also chose between designs that referenced the city’s relationship with barbecue and jazz.

“This design is one that fans of all ages can really enjoy,” said John Sherman, CEO of Royals. “Fountains that are part of Kansas City’s heritage, in jersey colors symbolizing the rich history of baseball and the Kansas City Royals. The uniform highlights the distinct elements of our community.”

The Royals will debut their City Connect uniforms on April 30 against the New York Yankees.

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