Launch of Spring Subscriber Drive to develop The Urbanist

It’s photo opportunity as the Bainbridge Ferry approaches Seattle, offering panoramic views of the skyline along the shores of Elliott Bay. (Photo by Doug Trumm)

The Urbanist has launched its Spring Subscriber Drive and we’re asking you to become a monthly donor or make an annual donation to #GrowTheUrbanist. If you count on our coverage and our advocacy, we count on you to intervene.

This is an exciting time of new developments for our publication. Last year we added Natalie Bicknell Argerious as editor and saw our output increase and our readership soar. In November, we announced a paid freelancer program, welcomed new contributors to the site, and began paying long-time volunteers for their work, including Ryan Packer and Ray Dubicki. In January, we overhauled our website design. In February, we added a new part-time Bellevue reporter in Christopher Randels and become perhaps the only publication offering in-depth weekly reporting on Bellevue City Hall. We hope to keep it as funds permit.

Christopher was featured in a KUOW Sound Side Team article about a freelance journalist filling news deserts across the state. He helped plant a new oasis in the Bellevue Desert and we are thrilled to support this work. The East Link light rail will open next year and in many ways the cities along it are not ready despite the bragging. We would love to have a dedicated reporter at this rate, but we need your support to support this expense.

You can help us ensure that we can continue to pay Chris and ensure that our staff continues to grow. Donate today!

We have also reached new media. Natalie and Ray recorded The Urbanist podcast, with weekly episodes building on and going beyond our daily stories. We are also increasing appearances in other publications and podcasts. For example, Packer recently appeared on Crystal Fincher’s Hacks and Wonks podcast to break down the recently adopted Move Ahead Washington transportation package.

Our semi-annual two-week collections are the foundation of our fundraising. It’s what has built our organization from an entirely volunteer-run operation to a professionalized operation with two full-time staff, a part-time journalist, a handful of paid freelancers, and growth plans that really come to fruition. Our readership has never been higher, but we need readers to subscribe or increase their level of donations so that we can continue to expand our coverage and undertake more advocacy campaigns. We are very grateful to our readers and supporters and we want to keep improving our game.

If you want to upgrade your subscription level, email me at doug [at] and I’d be happy to oblige. For large gifts, we encourage you to send a check to The Urbanist at:

Box 31196
Seattle WA 98103

Launch of the spring 2022 subscription campaign

Doug Trumm

Executive Director

Doug Trumm is the executive director of The Urbanist. An urban writer since 2015, he dreams of making the streets pedestrian, blanketing the city with bus lanes, and unleashing a massive timber construction frenzy to end the affordable housing shortage and avert our next climate catastrophe. He is a graduate of the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington. He lives in East Fremont and loves exploring the city by bike.

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