LG’s robot lawn mower is being modified for Korea

LG Electronics’ robot lawn mower. [LG ELECTRONICS]

LG Electronics is testing its robot lawn mower in Korea, the electronics maker said on Sunday.

The company said it was taking into account the growing interest of Koreans in owning houses with lawns rather than apartments.

A total of 50 customers will be selected for beta testing of LG Electronics’ latest robotic mower, which has already been released in overseas markets. Customers will use the robot for about two months and share their reviews, which will lead to the development of a new model for Korean customers. Factors such as the type of turf common in Korea and the size of the lawns will be important.

This is LG’s first use of a beta testing strategy to develop a new home appliance. Beta testing is often used in the software and gaming industries.

LG Electronics already supplies robotic mowers to the US lawnmower company Briggs & Stratton. LG’s robot is equipped with a sensor that detects obstacles and can be controlled remotely using an app, according to the company.

The robot is expected to be introduced to the Korean market within a year, the company said, and test participants will be offered discounts of more than 50%. Anyone who wants to take the best test can apply through the company’s website by June 11 with a photo of their lawn and a personal story as to why they want the robot.

LG Electronics said it is planning more beta testing of home appliances in the future to get customer feedback at an early stage in product development.

“As a leader in the global home appliance market, LG Electronics looks forward to introducing various innovative home appliance products to its customers. [in the future]Said Ryu Jae-cheol, head of LG Electronics’ home appliances division.

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