Light Up: Introducing the Dipsea Brand Relaunch

We’re excited to pull back the curtain on the rebranding effort our team is working on. This rebranding will impact the look and feel of Dipsea in all places where we connect with our community: from our mobile app and website to our social media.

As a company focused on female empowerment and pleasure, we’ve been up against a lot. But change requires decision makers. The first iteration of our brand got people paying attention to a space they had ignored or considered taboo. We’re proud that Dipsea has always been associated with great design from day one, and we’re ready for what’s next too,” said the President and Creative Director, Gina Gutierrez.

The brand’s original visual design was feminine, sleek and curvaceous, but also fashion-forward, depicting a brand all about female sexuality without any of the pink and black clichés people had come to expect. Since then, the company has released dozens of formats and multiplied its library of stories by 10 times. Dipsea’s rebranding will not change the company’s DNA, but rather offers the opportunity to become a truly mainstream brand.

“Our new look so much better expresses who we are, the product we’ve built, and the stories we tell. It reflects the imaginative world we create through the story and the power that has for our followers,” said the managing director, Faye Kegan.

Main updates:

  • New slogan: “Listen, light up.” This phrase embodies the brand’s belief that it’s about a radical and liberating realization that the answers to your own pleasure are already within you. Dipsea’s storytelling is a doorway to this inner world, allowing you to feel Following…more in touch with your body, more connected to your partner, more flirtatious before a date, and more like you.
  • New Logomark and Logotype: The brand new Dipsea is a D that curves inward to express the idea of ​​illuminating the parts of yourself that you’ve lost sight of or haven’t yet discovered. It also gives a subtle nod to the shape of an ear.
  • New app and website design: Both the app and the website have seen major changes, and the beautiful dusk and dawn gradients that the new branding uses evoke the twilight hours that Dipsea finds on our users’ pillows and bedside tables.

“We knew a rebrand would allow us to continue leading this new category. The new design maintains the festive, sensual and playful spirit that our listeners love, but opens up new opportunities for us as we solidify Dipsea as a best storytellers in the world. sex and intimacy,” said the president and creative director, Gina Gutierrez.

For those of you who have been with Dipsea for years, the new brand will continue to make you feel right at home. For those of you new to Dipsea, welcome to a bold, feminist, gender-positive future.

About Dipsea:
Dipsea’s mission is to provide people with the tools for pleasure and self-discovery inside and outside the bedroom. Subscribers can explore a vast library of over five hundred sexy audio stories, feel-good sessions, sleep scenes and written stories, whether they want to spark their imaginations, immerse themselves in a world of ambitious sex and relationships, rest their mind and body or exploring ideas like erotic breathing and meditation. Whatever they decide to tap into first, listeners can count on Dipsea to be sex-positive, consensual and feminist – and to include all perspectives and preferences.

  • Annual subscription: $59.99/year ($ 4.99/month)
  • Monthly subscription: $12.99/month

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