Lighthouse Christian Academy wins 1st place overall, athletics

Lighthouse Christian Academy Lyon won first place overall in Academics and Athletics at the 2022 Mid-Atlantic/NorthEast Student Convention held at Mt. Bethel April 4-8.

“Our students participated in a wide variety of events and made us proud of the medals they won. The greatest honor was that we took first place in overall academics and first place in overall athletics in the competition with all Accelerated Christian Education schools in central regions of the world. ‘Atlantic and Northeast,’ said Pastor Al Zentner, Principal of Lighthouse Christian Academy.

Medals were awarded to the following students:

Alessandra DaMore: 1st place in Linear PowerPoint, Marquetry, String Solo and 2nd place in Pace Bowl.

Isabella DaMore: 1st place in table tennis; Scripture video and 2nd place in photography.

Wyatt Kline: 1st place in wood construction and 2nd place in archery, science exhibition, rhythm bowl, woodturning and instrumental duet.

Crystal Rothenberger: 5th place in colored pencils.

Timothy Strunk: 5th place in biblical memory.

Chloe Sutliff: 1st in Scripture Video and 3rd in Poetry.

Steven Sutliff: 1st place in Scientific Engineering and 2nd place in Scripture Video.

Bethany Swartzentruber: 1st place in Linear PowerPoint, Nonlinear PowerPoint, Archery, Scripture Video and 2nd place in Web Design and 3rd in Spelling.

Seri Finnerty: 2nd place in spelling.

Jonathan Swartzentruber: 1st place in Scientific Engineering, Nonlinear PowerPoint, Archery and 2nd place in the Pace Bowl.

Kenneth Swartzentruber: 1st place in table tennis and 2nd place in science fair, rhythm bowl, archery and scripture video.

Amanda Weaver: 2nd place in scrapbooking and 5th in special effects photography.

Andrew Weaver: 1st place in short story writing and 3rd place in preaching.

Rachelle Weaver: 5th in scrapbooking and special effects photography.

The Lighthouse Christian Academy basketball team took 6th place.

“We are so grateful for the support from our school families,” Zentner said.

Three students from Lighthouse Christian Academy have qualified to participate in the International Student Convention at Indianna University.

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