MIARD 2020 Alumni Exhibition – Announcements

Piet Zwart Institute

Wijnhaven 61

3011 WJ Rotterdam
the Netherlands



Visit the exhibition online here.

Former participants: Mirela Atanassova, Jitivi Banthaisong, Saskia de Fabritiis, Ingmar König, Philippa Lorenzen, Hedvig Maria Koertz Mikkelsen, Rick Nemeye Van Wijk, Cela Sariol, Mao Zhang

Curator: Golnar Abbasi and Natasha Marie Llorens

The Master in Interior Architecture: Research + Design from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam is proud to present the work of nine of its 2020 graduates.

The nine projects featured in this online exhibit were produced in the midst of such a disorienting crisis that it wasn’t immediately clear how many times we were all going to try to get back to normal. A year later, their work is showcased on a platform which we hope pays homage to the complexity with which they responded to this moment and the courage it asked them to continue producing.

The context of this exhibition is obvious. For MIARD MA candidates, this context required constant negotiation between offline and online, between the room and the screen. It required a reconceptualization of “the interior” on an unprecedented scale and temporal intensity. This context continues to demand a translation between the logic of every MA candidate’s design process and the flatness of the online space in which we are all compelled to appear.

The MIARD 2020 graduation show – like the work it presents – takes place in two dimensions at the same time. It takes place between a room in a redeveloped building in Rotterdam and an online space designed by Studio Folder. The viewer will see a number of installations set up in a large windowless room. The space was filmed using a 3D camera and then installed as an online navigable 3D space. Each installation was designed by the alumni in collaboration with the curators to represent the logic of the end-of-studies project. The installation does not present the work itself but rather a real-space translation of the project which was made to be shown and defended online at the end of the summer term in 2020. To explore a project, click on the hotspot to see fragments of each candidate’s work.


Website design and development: Studio Folder and Angelo Semeraro

Graduation supervisors: Golnar Abbasi, Ephraim Joris, Natasha Marie Llorens

President of the graduation committee: Alex Augusto Suárez

External expert: Lotte Van den Audenaeren

MIARD coordinator: Zoraïma Hupkes

Diorama direction and assistance: Golnar Abbasi, Zoraïma Hupkes, Ingmar König, Philippa Lorenzen, Hedvig Maria Koertz Mikkelsen, Rick Nemeye Van Wijk

Building: Odeon Building, a former theater and cinema in Rotterdam built in the 1920s. Since then it has served as school, gym, community center and independent studio spaces. It is about to be demolished in the summer of 2021.

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