Ministries to revamp government websites to ensure quality content and access for people with reduced mobility

All central government ministries, departments and autonomous bodies will undertake a major review and subsequent overhaul of their websites to ensure that they are kept up to date with the latest information, have quality content and can be viewed by people with disabilities, News18 has learned.

A missive to this effect was sent to all Ministries and Departments by the Secretary of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) Alkesh Kumar Sharma last week after a meeting at the Cabinet Secretariat earlier this month. about this question.

According to officials, a large number of government websites continue to host old information and data from former officials and are not updated for long periods of time, leading citizens to a roadblock as they navigate through outdated details while searching for relevant information in an area.

The letter urged the ministries to carry out a thorough qualitative review of their website design, content and other parameters in accordance with the guidelines for Government of India websites.

He said that while an appointed web information officer not holding the rank of joint secretary will be responsible for monitoring and updating a ministry’s website, secretaries will also review websites. at weekly meetings.

He added that ministries and departments should ensure that their websites are certified by the Standard Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) directorate.

“Recertification of websites, where the validity period of the prior certification has expired, must be completed by December 31, 2020,” the letter states, adding that departments may consider redeveloping their websites on modern forms with a robust backend taking into account the rapid advancements in technology. .

To ensure that periodic reviews and checks are carried out to see if a website is updated with the latest information, the National Computing Center has also attached a form for the web information manager of each department can fill in the bimonthly status of the website.

Web Information Manager Tasks

The form lists various details that departments will need to enter about the website.

This includes checking for up-to-date content on the home page, uploading, reviewing and archiving period-specific content, such as tenders or recruitment notices, content latest on government plans and programs, and removal of old content.

What will also be reviewed periodically is whether the contact information on the website is updated regularly, including who’s who, directory and other contact details.

In accordance with the NIC form, web information managers will also need to verify that broken links are repaired or removed, new documents are uploaded and old documents have been deleted or archived, as well as central publishing system integration of banners.

They will also need to ensure that the valid STQC on GIGW compliance and security audit certificate is placed on the website.

The official will also be responsible for promoting the ministry’s website.

SOP for managing central government websites

The standard operating procedures—developed by the NIC—for the management of websites of central government ministries and departments state that ministries shall formulate policies to manage various legal aspects such as copyright and privacy and to manage the website content—including content moderation, review, and archiving.

They will also need to have processes and plans in place to effectively monitor a website and handle any contingencies.

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