Mistakes Everyone Makes When Shopping on Etsy

Etsy allows its sellers to set their own store policies. This includes returns, exchanges and cancellations. Depending on the product, “store” location and creation time, sellers may have different policies and it is important to read them before buying. However, Etsy has realized that when it comes to missing or damaged packages, this is beyond the seller’s control and so they have launched a new Purchase Protection Program as shown at The edge. This addition is part of their plan to improve customer service and ensure consumers have a pleasant shopping experience.

But when it comes to returns, exchanges and cancellations, you have to go through the seller for that. Read the policies carefully and, as previously stated, ask questions if you are unsure of anything. This is especially important for personalized items. If you receive a product that has the wrong personalization, you want to make sure you can exchange it for the correct one. While many sellers will be diligent about keeping their policies up to date and easy to read, some may accidentally skip this step. Protect yourself and read the policies carefully. If something is wrong, it probably isn’t, so trust your instincts. Chances are you can find a similar product from another seller with clearer policy statements.

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