Need a work nap at noon IN, KY and IL? Nap box in preparation

Several times I needed to take a nap at work. Sometimes it got so bad that I crawled under my desk, on a yoga mat, with a little cushion from home, and tried to close my eyes a bit to get through the rest of the day.

Once a colleague was so startled when he walked by and saw me curled up under my desk that he immediately tried to wake me up to see if I was okay. They thought I had fallen or had a heart attack or something. The gesture was very thoughtful, but they woke me up which didn’t do me any good.

How many people need a midday nap at work?

The study, published in October this year (2021), found that napping at work was more common than not, with more than 2 in 3 respondents saying they had taken a nap at work. Gen Z’ers were the most likely to admit to taking naps at work at 80%, compared to 70% of Millennials.


Companies that agree to take a nap at work

More and more companies, and the managers and leaders who lead them, are trying to create not only a better work/life balance, but also a better working environment. Many companies not only allow napping in the workplace, but encourage it by providing spaces to do so.

One such company is Google, which has been considered the wackiest place to work. Google not only offers free gourmet meals, a swimming pool, and putt-putt golf courses, but also nap pods.

…the EnergyPod that Google uses is a sci-fiesque sleep bubble that features a zero-gravity nap bed, sleep music, timed lights, and relaxing vibrations, all designed to perfect the 20-minute nap minutes.


Like my company, your company probably doesn’t provide any place to nap, let alone an EnergyPod. But a company in Japan invented a stand-up nap box that you could put in the corner of your desk.

The standing nap box in the workplace

Two Japanese companies plan to launch vertical “nap boxes” to contribute to a healthier workplace. Yes, they are vertical, not horizontal, so you get up and sleep.

The nap box user will sleep in the bassinet like a flamingo, standing up. The initial design was made to ensure that the head, knees and rear are all comfortably supported so that the person does not fall.


Inside the carrycot there are shelves to help support your knees, head and buttocks.

Take a look at the Nap box. Much of the video is from a press conference or board meeting. But, you can see the nap capsule design.

Just in the planning stages, there’s no word yet on pricing or availability.

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