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SANTA ANA, Calif. /ACCESSWIRE/May 16, 2022/ Go Ads is an advanced media agency founded by Nicolas Kohlschreiber as he has recognized and adapted the main technological trends and frameworks in his field of work. One of these catalysts for success is Multi-channel web marketing (also known as “cross-channel marketing”), a strategy that Kohlschreiber describes as crucial for any business enterprise operating in today’s digital landscape.

The premise of this approach is simple: companies should offer customers as many choices as possible when it comes to accessing information about a product or service, which will ultimately provide optimized conversion rates. Communication with the target audience should involve a combination of direct and indirect channels (such as email, retail, website, direct mail, mobile, and pay-per-click) implemented in real-time and responsive changing needs and market climates. Campaign managers now have an ever-expanding set of digital tools designed to make this task easier, most importantly offering analytical feedback that provides insight into which strategies worked or did not work. Automation applications available to choose from include MarketoSales forces Pardotand Oracle Eloqua.

Multichannel Internet marketing presents some challenges, as it requires identifying the right mix of channels, considering cost per acquisition, targeting messages correctly, choreographing campaigns effectively, and monitoring customer touchpoints. . As a specialist in the field, Nicolas Kohlschreiber offers its clients a balanced approach, which is essential for many small and medium-sized businesses that lack the know-how or infrastructure to implement a successful marketing strategy.

A reflection piece produced by Adobe Digital Insights revealed that many companies have yet to integrate a cross-channel framework despite understanding the obvious benefits. In fact, there has been a marked decline in use, as seen in a study. For those who have started using available technology, it is becoming increasingly important to develop a deep understanding of a customer’s journey in order to apply digital marketing tools appropriately. The aforementioned study pointed out that “only 17% of organizations indicate that they are fully capable of analyzing their customer journeys”. Notably, more than half of the companies surveyed that use the tools effectively “usually” or “always” achieve their financial goals.

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California-based Go Ads is an internet marketing company that specializes in growing new businesses organically through creative marketing solutions. The company was founded by Nicolas Kohlschreiber, a lover of originality and innovation, who started his career driving traffic for mom and pop shops for their local SEO while leaving school on a football scholarship. Kohlschreiber has grown his business to oversee 800 employees in three different countries and tens of thousands of clients, while seeking to strengthen connections to modern communications platforms, including online and multimedia business development.

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