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We are looking for an Online Copywriter and Communications Professional with at least four years of experience writing Investments and / or Retreats for a consumer audience.

Your role will be to create and manage editorial content and interesting messages on our online publication channels. You’ll write stories, work with our research team to identify the latest information we have to share, interview industry figures who can share useful information on trending topics, and generally create content that helps consumers do better. choice.

As a member of our Editorial Marketing team, you will create engaging, audience-focused content, translating complex information into useful and engaging content for our readers. Content is our strong point, but we need to strategically integrate our content within a defined editorial framework to support our growth plans.

You will lead this editorial process, ensuring the writing of our entire ecosystem of content and consumer communication.

You will have an innate love of storytelling and be creative and dynamic, identifying interesting angles and stories to deliver independent, actionable content that helps our readers in the pragmatic style they expect. Our content is often a bridge to action and so you will need to liaise with our research team to understand the topics and products with which we feel best positioned to help consumers – and therefore the content we need to create. to help build a bridge between learning ‘and done’.

You will be responsible for:

  • Bringing together the stories that weave our research products, marketing campaigns, and branding initiatives into a cohesive publishing story.
  • You will help us maintain and evolve this narrative as our audience grows and commercial reach increases. This will be represented by how you manage the creation, positioning and deployment of weekly content articles and content campaigns on our mainstream channels.
  • You will work alongside our in-house content producer, public relations manager, marketing assistant and have access to specialist external designers and freelance writers as needed to produce and deliver a quarterly content calendar, monthly and weekly.
  • Update our online publishing ecosystem to ensure that our online content is current, relevant and meets the needs of our retail consumer audience.
  • Create a content plan and manage the delivery of all written content for our site – sustainable investing, robotics advisors, financial advice, budgeting apps – these are just a few of the things we cover – you will be the energy and the leader of our content plan
  • Liaise with the CEO (our blog writer and content director) to agree on the content plan and manage the delivery of it
  • This will suit a candidate with a journalism background or experience managing content for an online media publication or large comparison website.
  • Financial experience is essential. Although good writing is our priority, you will need to know the difference between an IT and an OEIC and an ISA and a JISA.

Basic skills:

  • Understanding of the investment and / or consumer credit industry or comparison websites
  • Exceptional writing and editing skills.
  • Working knowledge of website content management systems, email marketing.
  • Experience in audience identification and analysis.
  • Experience integrating content-driven stories into marketing initiatives, campaigns, PR, social product launches and product launches to tell a unified story at the brand level.
  • A solid understanding of visual storytelling and its uses in brand communication.
  • An understanding of data analytics, user experience and accessibility in the context of effective digital communications.
  • Experience working under pressure, under tight deadlines and multiple demands.

The well-being factor

Boring money is an independent site with no crushing ax and no commercial agenda. You will have free rein to write honestly and freely what you see, what you find interesting and what you like. We have a fresh honest style and you won’t have to trot with a corporate gumpf. We encourage unique and interesting approaches and don’t have complex approval protocols or stuffy procedures.

We are growing. Quickly. You will get involved in a scale-up and have the ability to help shape our direction of development. You’ll also have the chance to make a difference and tell the financial story in a better way than many do today, by engaging a new audience looking for help. Help in interesting and engaging language that resonates with their life.

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