Pat Phillip-Fairn launches Objective Consulting

Objective Consulting Ltd, a new consulting company offering strategy, project management and executive communication coaching services, was launched.

Objective Consulting Ltd. is led by Founder and CEO Pat Phillip-Fairn, and focuses on serving clients primarily in the financial services, economic development and tourism industries.

Ms. Phillip-Fairn said, “We serve our clients as a resource for results-driven strategy and action plans fully aligned with their business goals.

“This can be for project planning and activation, corporate communications, thought leadership strategy or communication for their diversity, equity and inclusion or ESG strategies. “

The firm also offers communication coaching services for executives.

Ms Phillip-Fairn said: “I have worked with and coached many people who are technically brilliant but need help developing their communication and communication skills.

“Our coaching is individual, discreet and highly personalized. It identifies the individual’s specific presentation or public speaking needs and issues, and how to address them over a period of time. We can also help you prepare specific presentations or major presentations.

“Editing, writing and developing content is also part of the company’s service portfolio. Support is provided for short and long term missions.

Ms Phillip-Fairn said: “For example, I have been working in a project team since last September on a major event that will take place this fall.

“This is in addition to the opportunity to work with coachees from client companies looking to strengthen the communication skills of their management teams and help a client prepare for a TED conference they will be doing abroad more. late this year.

“It’s really rewarding to help clients in so many ways, and it makes the job interesting! “

The exploitation of technology has been part of the company’s activities since its inception.

Ms Phillip-Fairn said: “I have worked for clients in Bermuda and overseas throughout the lockdown taking advantage of technology. Technology also allows us to bring together project teams of quality producers, designers and writers who work to high standards as needed, focused on specific project needs.

Pat Phillip-Fairn was until recently Chief Product & Experiences Development Officer at the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA]. She joined BTA after serving as Deputy Director and Head of Corporate Governance and Communications at the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

His leadership roles have covered key aspects of Bermuda’s economy, from tourism to international business and financial regulation, most notably as a former CEO of the Bermuda International Business Association.

Ms Phillip-Fairn said: “The blockages we have all endured over the past 18 months have ended up giving me time and space to reflect and re-evaluate the next phase of my life. I have determined that my experience and skills can always be useful, focused on supporting the success of my clients. It is extremely exciting to be able to do this job.

More information on Objective Consulting Ltd. are available on the company’s website at www.ob or via [email protected]

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