PC version leaves beta, Quest version announced

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Substance 3D Modeler lets you knead and shape 3D models, on PC or in VR. Adobe has just released version 1.0.

The 3D program allows seamless switching between a monitor with a mouse and keyboard on the one hand, and a VR headset and 3D controllers on the other. VR mode has the advantage of intuitive design with your own hands and stereoscopic 3D visualization.

3D models can be exported and further processed in other programs. Substance 3D Modeler is part of a larger software suite that also includes 3D Painter, Stager, Designer and Sampler tools. A trailer (see below) shows what you can do with Substance 3D Modeler.

Adobe Substance 3D Modeler has VR origins

The program was born out of a collaboration between the Substance 3D team and the creators of the Oculus Medium VR wetting app. Meta sold the VR app to Adobe in late 2019. The original is still available in the Rift Store as Medium by Adobe.

The closed beta phase of Substance 3D Modeler began in the summer of 2021 and has been in open beta testing since April 2022. Another milestone has now been reached with version 1.0.


Those who do not have a PC do not have to do without it. During Meta Connect 2022, Meta announced a partnership with Adobe. The two companies plan to release Substance 3D Modeler and other Adobe applications for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro in 2023.

Subscription only

The Substance 3D Modeler package and other 3D tools cost $47.59 per month per individual user, with additional subscription options for small and medium businesses and large enterprises. More information and a trial version are available on the official website.

Those working with the 3D program for the first time can watch official tutorials for the desktop version and the PC VR version of Substance 3D Modeler on Youtube.

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