Secondary activities: writing

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Today’s secondary activity: writing

Compensation: Varies depending on the type, duration and scope of the project

Live: Entry Level to Jedi Master

Skills required : Writing, publishing, marketing

If you always did well on your English homework in school or have a knack for creating catchy slogans, you might have considered copywriting. You can write a wide range of projects, from marketing campaigns and website landing pages to blogs, manuals and even email newsletters. To better understand what it takes, Sidekick spoke with Fiverr freelance writers Billy McIntyre and Carrie French.

Don’t worry, you don’t need an English degree, McIntyre and French agree. For example, French was studying music education in college when she opted to go into freelance writing for a bit of extra money, despite having a “very good command of the language”. .

You need to understand what writing styles are required for various jobs, McIntyre said. Copy for marketing will be very different from writing SEO content or a business landing page. More advice from McIntyre and French:

  • Understand the time commitment. Clarify customer expectations and set pricing accordingly, McIntyre said. “You want to know upfront: what am I actually being paid for? How many words am I writing? Do you give me the information [I need] or am I doing research? Will there be a Zoom meeting? [How many] any revisions are we expecting at the end?
  • Set rates by the word, hour or project: McIntyre and French set rates per project, based on workload, but billing by word or page may work better for you and your client.
  • It is practice makes perfect. It’s the only way to become good. “I recommend doing a lot of specific projects,” French said. “Give yourself a 45-day challenge and write again and again, because in the end, that’s what will make you faster and your writing more concise and clear.” It’s also a great way to build a portfolio.
  • Put yourself there. Once you’re ready to accept clients, create a website or profile offering your services, like on Fiverr and LinkedIn. Send cold emails to digital marketing companies or other potential clients, and ensure your portfolio is ready to impress.—SS

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