SocialGrep releases smart keyword alerts for Reddit

Used by teams to follow reddit discussions. Alerts for brand identity management, lead generation, technical support and security monitoring.

MONTREAL, October 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Lexyr Inc. announced SocialGrep Alerts, a new keyword research and sentiment monitoring tool. The most important feature of these alerts is filtering through selected subreddits, negative keywords and many other filters to avoid unnecessary notifications. Users can sign up to try the service for free at

“SocialGrep Alerts is a tool for savvy marketers and researchers who want to track social media sentiment about their brand,” said Lexyr CEO and Founder, Andrei Feyman. “There are dozens of social media listening tools that provide comprehensive keyword research, but we wanted to make the experience both easy for users and very accurate. Our Reddit Keyword Alerts are easy to set up and get results almost in real time.”

SocialGrep alerts work by alerting users when a particular keyword is mentioned by a Reddit user in a post or comment. This alerts users to potential issues or opportunities that may exist in the post. During a period of public beta testing, this product was used for brand identity management, lead generation, technical support, security/vulnerability monitoring, and research.

“We wanted to make it easy for marketers to find what their customers are saying about their brand in real time,” Lexyr continued. “If a customer is angry about a product, it’s better to find out immediately than waiting for someone to call you about it. With a wide range of advanced filters, SocialGrep alerts make it easy to find out what customers say about your brand.” SocialGrep’s filters include restricting results to match certain terms, filtering out negative keywords, and searching by domains and subreddits. Filters can be combined to customize an alert, making it one of the most advanced social media listening tools on the market.

SocialGrep Alerts is now available as part of Lexyr’s media intelligence platform, SocialGrep. She joins SocialGrep Exports, a tool to export Reddit posts and commentsand that of SocialGrep reddit advanced search. With SocialGrep’s family of tools, users can research, monitor and report social media sentiment regarding their brand, competing brands and industry trends. Users can also set up alerts to be notified when a keyword in a post or comment is mentioned on social media. To promote open quantitative social sciences, SocialGrep also offers Reddit Post and Comment Datasets To download.

SocialGrep Alerts allows customers to easily set up Reddit social media website tracking, track new mentions and seamlessly integrate with a host of notification mediums such as Slack, Discord, email and more. ‘others. For more information on current and upcoming tools released under the SocialGrep umbrella, please visit

About Lexyr Inc.

Lexyr is a media intelligence platform for social media monitoring, big data analysis, and machine learning data. Focused on textual data and natural language processing. Extract signals from the noise network.


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