S’porean tutor accused of copying local influencer’s ideas, she says designs are from Canva

Tutor accused of copying Singapore influencer’s business concepts on November 8

In a growing and competitive creative industry, the problems of plagiarism are serious.

Recently, local tutor Denise Soong was called out for allegedly copying another Singaporean influencer’s ideas, such as their companies’ logo, among other charges.

In response, she posted a lengthy explanation on her TikTok account addressing the allegations, claiming the logos came from Canva.

The tutor also explained that she was clarifying the issue with the influencer.

TikTok user accuses tutor of copying Singapore influencer’s ideas

On November 8, user @elliebabana posted a video on TikTok about the similarities between the tutor and the @sugaresque influencer, also known as Brooke Lim.

Brooke rose to prominence on the platform after starting her own tutoring business at 18, inspiring many young teens.

In the video, the user accused the tutor, Denise Soong, of copying Brooke’s content and pointed out some similarities between them.


#tiktoksg #trending #expose denise is almost 30, brooke is 18 💀 denise rly said “forget my college degree and my work experience, I’ll copy everything this teenager does” form of flattery

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First, the user claimed that Ms. Soong copied Ms. Lim’s idea of ​​booking a cinema for her students to watch a movie after their exams. They noted that the latter had done so three months before Ms. Soong.

Source: @elliebabana on TikTok

Next, they compared their logos, saying the similarities were “obvious”.

Source: @elliebabana on TikTok

Finally, they alleged that Ms Soong had plagiarized the idea of ​​a free online learning platform for students and that the writing on the websites was the same.

Source: @elliebabana on TikTok

Finally, the user concluded by saying that the apparent similarities were “unethical and embarrassing”.

Source: @elliebabana on TikTok

Tutor Responds To Allegations Of Copying Influencer’s Ideas

In response, Ms Soong posted a video addressing the situation on November 13, a week after the accusations.


My answer

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First, she opened up about the allegation that she copied the movie night idea.

Ms. Soong explained that the movie night was a reward and a treat for her students who have completed their exams. Due to the pandemic, there were only so many activities she could do with a large number of people.

So, she said a movie was the “most logical option,” and many tuition centers have done the same.

Next, she addressed claims of the plagiarized logo. Ms. Soong revealed that the logo was designed on Canva using pre-made templates, showing the original mockup used.

Source: @denisesoongeelyn on TikTok

She said they just changed the font and icons, pointing out that other elements like curved text were already in the mockup.

Afterward, she told viewers to check out the designs on Canva for themselves, saying many had “the same look and feel.”

Source: @denisesoongeelyn on TikTok

Finally, regarding the writing of the website, Ms. Soong admitted that she had seen the similarities. For this, she apologized to Brooke and her team.

Before addressing the issue, she provided some context for viewers – an intern handled most of the administrative matters, such as social media and website registration.

Source: @denisesoongeelyn on TikTok

Denise justified this by saying that she instead wanted to focus more on lesson and material planning.

However, she also admitted that it was her mistake to approve the designs and only realized it afterwards.

The intern later approached her, confessing that most of her work was inspired by Brooke’s concept.

Denise then discovered that the intern had signed up for Brooke’s classes, using the information she learned there as a reference.

Source: @denisesoongeelyn on TikTok

She also shared that her free online resources dated back to 2021, saying that was the industry standard.

Source: @denisesoongeelyn on TikTok

Contacted a Singaporean influencer

Following the confession, she immediately contacted Brooke’s team, wanting to clear the air.

Source: @denisesoongeelyn on TikTok

Although they agreed, they did not respond to Denise’s request for a phone call for about a day. Meanwhile, the user posted the charges against her on TikTok.

Source: @denisesoongeelyn on TikTok

Denise revealed she was under a lot of pressure at the time, but decided not to respond publicly.

She ended the video by saying that she regretted the incident and that staying silent “wouldn’t do any good at all.”

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Featured image adapted from @denisesoongeelyn on TikTok.

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