Tesla Owners Share Their First Impressions of Pedestrian Cautious FSD Beta 10.69.2 (Test Videos)


It has been over 24 hours since Tesla began rolling out the stable FSD Beta 10.69.2 build (2022.20.15). “Looks good to roll out to all Tesla owners with 10.12.2 (~100,000 cars),” Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted this statement just before the start of the deployment late Sunday evening.

“Please note that the top priority is safety, so expect to be overly cautious, especially around pedestrians,” Musk said in a prequel tweet to the above. Pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles and the like are referred to as vulnerable road users (VRUs) in driver assistance/autonomous driving systems.

The release notes for 10.69.2 are the same as for the main FSD Beta 10.69 branch. The previous two versions (10.69 and 10.69.2) were released for a limited number of beta testers, but 10.69.2 will be rolling out to all users participating in this early access program.

Interestingly, a beta tester and YouTuber Tesla Joy was still on the FSD 10.12.2 beta, it got the notification of getting the latest version, but it rolled back to the previous one before installing.

Most FSD beta testers will update directly to 10.69.2 from 10.12.2 – completely skipping two intermediate releases (10.69 and 10.69.2).

As beta testers get FSD Beta 10.69.2, they share their experience and first impressions with the latest version. Friend and follower of our website, Gail Alfar from Austin, Texas shared the following time lapse video of her FSD Player Beta 10.69.2 which she absolutely loved.


Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.2 drove the car from the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library parking lot in northwest Austin near the Tesla Service Center on Pond Springs Road (~13 miles / 21 km) without any human intervention.

Celebrity Tesla community member and FSD beta tester Dirty Tesla also received the 10.69.2 update and feels the player has improved overall.

Video: Gail Alfar tests FSD Beta 10.69.2 in Austin, Texas during the day.

“10.69.2 ❤️‍🔥 is spectacular, make a smooth left, calculated right on red, left, then yield. My mind is totally blown 🤯. Great job Elon Musk & Ashok Elluswamy⚡️,” Gail wrote in the video description.

The hesitation that Dirty Tesla talks about concerns the safety precautions that Autopilot prioritizes.

Another beta tester, Kim Paquette, took a few rides and felt that “FSD Beta 10.69.2 really struggles around pedestrians – way too careful for people who are just on the sidewalk and don’t cross not”.


Looks like the new algorithm changes in 10.69.2 really go out of their way to show the world that Tesla Full Self-Driving is safe for pedestrians and VRUs. Maybe the Tesla Autopilot software team needs to strike a balance in the next version update.

Kim tried several times on the same test loop but even on the 2nd attempt, she had to intervene manually, the pedestrian scenario caused several disengagements.

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