The 5 Best Advertising Agencies in Louisville, KY

Below is a list of major advertising agencies in Louisville. To help you find the best Advertising Agencies located near you in Louisville, we have put together our own list based on this list of rating points.

The best advertising agencies in Louisville:

The top rated Advertising Agencies in Louisville, KY are:

  • VIA Studio – value partnership, dedication and community in different ways
  • Hatfield Media – use the latest technologies to better understand how to impact your customers
  • Manage digital media – devoted to customer-centric and data-driven digital advertising strategies
  • PriceWeber – create special customer-centric strategies to drive your business
  • digital red label – do not force their clients to sign long contracts

VIA StudioAdvertising Agencies in Louisville

VIA Studio is a branding and advertising agency that focuses on transforming brands through strategy, design, development and marketing. Their skilled teams create amazing brands and execute marketing strategies that work for you. Their trusted network of vendor partners with specialist services such as video production, photography, media buying and public relations. They value partnership, dedication and community so that the work really works for you.

They open their doors to those who are as passionate about their work as they are about theirs. Come in. They succeed because values ​​guide their work. Find out how they can drive value for your brand when you work with them. Since 2014, they have partnered with the quiet giant of the world of theological studies, helping them light their brand, website, and marketing with the fire of their mission.


Strategy, Design, Development, Marketing


Address: 900 E Main St, Louisville, KY 40202
Call: (502) 498-8470


“Kim Clark and the VIA team are such a fun and creative bunch (in such a great space!) and have been really instrumental in our digital presence through Google AdWords and implementing a revealing digital audit of our site They really know their stuff and I highly recommend their services.” – Abby T.

Hatfield MediaBest Advertising Agencies in Louisville

Hatfield Media knows all the creative assets well. Their design process is meticulous from the first step of finding the best design elements to executing their design into a custom brand identity. They create bold, eye-catching logos that leave long-lasting impressions while keeping your brand integrity in mind. A full-service marketing agency, they serve clients in a variety of industries.

Always aiming for high quality, they believe in measurable results. They use the latest technologies to better understand how to impact your customers. Taking only one client per industry and per region will not help your competitors. Their goal is to support you in the creation of your business.


Web Development, Video Production, Search Optimization, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography


Address: 2351 Nelson Miller Pkwy Ste 100, Louisville, KY 40223
Call: (502) 509-3349


“An extremely creative team and a pleasure to work with. If you need websites, logos or any marketing/branding solution. This is the place to go.” -Daniel R.

Manage digital mediaAdvertising Agencies Louisville

Manage digital media has been accelerating brands and businesses since 2018. With a focus on data-driven advertising and a customer-centric mindset, they employ boundless creativity and innovation and offer their customers a working product extraordinary that keeps its promises. They are dedicated to customer-centric and data-driven digital advertising strategies to grow businesses. With no contract to sign, they focus on clarity with constant communication, clear and concise reporting, and deliver unparalleled results to grow and retain their clientele.

They use analytics and research to present the information their clients need to understand how and why their budgets are being spent exactly as they are. They are more than a marketing agency, they see themselves as business partners who see success only comes from the growth of the companies they work with.


Photography, videography, branding and design, professional studio


Address: 720 E Market St, Louisville, KY 40202
Call: (502) 614-6411


“I love this company. Thank you for people like this in the marketing industry. Completely transparent in pricing and results. No other company out there likes them. -Matt M.

PriceWeberGood Advertising Agencies in Louisville

PriceWeber is a marketing, public relations and advertising agency in Louisville, Kentucky. They understand that things like awareness, clicks, and shares are table stakes for any agency. That’s why at PriceWeber, they’re dedicated to helping you have a measurable impact on sales, margin, and shareholder value, because those are your real goals. Their teams achieve this by using their agency insight team to create special customer-centric strategies to drive your business, and then executing those strategies across traditional and digital platforms.

Their expertise spans a number of industries, including beverages, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, utilities, sweets and snacks, and convenience retail. Beyond their skills and expertise in industry practices, they constantly invest in understanding the impact of changes in socio-cultural factors on the buying and buying behaviors of their customers. This discipline has been crucial to the success of their clients as they continue to experience dramatic changes in their world.


Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Creation, Creative, Media, PR, Research & Planning, Social Media, Talent Acquisition, Web & App Development


Address: 10701 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY 40243
Call: (502) 499-4209


“I have worked with PW for several years now. It is an exceptional marketing and public relations agency. We (BrightSpring Health Services) use PW for brand, creative, digital, media and analytics support. The agency is particularly strong in digital – having built over 10 websites for us, with more to come. Our account team are exceptional in their respective areas of expertise and they truly understand our many business lines. -Jim M.

digital red labelOne of the best advertising agencies in Louisville

digital red label is a full-service branding and advertising agency with a growing team of 40 professionals. Their design and development teams have created personalized experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands, from sports, retail, entertainment and home services, to commercial and industrial B2B. Not to be outdone, their ad teams have forged strong partnerships with Facebook and Google, creating the largest digital agency in the state of Kentucky. They do not force their clients to sign long contracts drawn up by lawyers. Because of this, their goals and your goals are aligned.

RedTag’s sink or swim model means either they get results or you move on. They report on the metrics that matter to you. Impressions, clicks, and click-through rates are all part of the equation, but their customers expect more. So, they provide comprehensive comparable analytics reports with ROAS (return on ad spend) metrics that show exactly what you’re getting for your investment.


Video production and photography, website design and development, brand identity and creative design, e-commerce, digital advertising, social media advertising


Address: 217 E Main St Suite 109, Louisville, KY 40202
Call: (502) 631-9809


“Best job ever. Greatest people ever. So incredibly blessed and honored to call my family. -Amanda R.

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