The arrival of a new function in WhatsApp that nobody expected

A new post has arrived on WhatsApp that no one expected and has become a source of controversy on social media since Thursday (16).

The feature has updated the color scheme of the app’s interface by giving new shades of green to chat bubbles in personal and group conversations.

Twitter users complained that they were not notified in advance of the update and rejected the new feature included in the messenger.

Some said they were confused and others compared the modification to color blindness, a common name for people who have changes in color vision. profitable:

After all, is there a new feature in WhatsApp that no one expected?

Although the new feature with the color scheme caused controversy among users, it was already slated to enter WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo, a website specializing in new advancements for the app, explained that it was spotted during the beta testing phase.

However, there was no specific date for the feature’s arrival – which is why it surprised everyone who has WhatsApp.

The bad news for those who didn’t like it is that there’s no way to reverse this color update in the app’s interface.

WhatsApp beta

This mode allows users to test the functionality under development before entering the application.

If you want to be an Android version tester just search for the app on Google apps With the term “WhatsApp Beta” on the side. On iOS, you need to install the Test Flight app first.

However, it should be noted that due to its experimental nature, new features are not always implemented immediately and may be canceled without notice.

Finally, WhatsApp reminds you that the beta version of the application may have instability unlike the final version.

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