The biggest PR and marketing trends to watch in 2023

According to PR expert Madelain Roscher, CEO of PR Worx, the secret to building a successful track record in marketing communications is to follow international trends while leveraging local expertise to implement strategies and country-specific tactics tailored to local audiences.

Media relations and press releases are always important, but we’ve also seen the explosion of social and digital media.

It has fundamentally changed the way organizations can communicate and interact with their audience.

Digitization above all has accelerated over the past couple of years, and going forward, there are several new trends businesses need to embrace to stay relevant.

With this in mind, here are the marketing and communication trends for 2023:

Emphasis on ethical data mining

Data is the new gold. But to protect your consumers’ privacy as well as your company’s reputation, you need to have a clear data policy in place.

However, this policy isn’t just about technology – it’s about making the right choices about how you collect, store and access information.

In other words, your data strategy is an ethical plan of what to do with your company’s data that takes into account not only your organization’s capabilities, but also your customers’ concerns.

The growth of artificial intelligence (AI)

Rapid advances in technology have seen AI solutions play an increasingly important role in day-to-day marketing and communications activities.

For example, the AI-powered online tool quickly transforms copywriting, generating high-quality content on a variety of topics with the click of a button.

Likewise, companies are increasingly using AI automations to create omnichannel brand experiences and single channels, eliminating the need for multi-point solutions.

AI is also designed for scale, speed and safety to analyze vast amounts of consumer behavior data to generate predictive insights into the potential success of your advertising or communications.

The boom in user-generated video marketing

Videos have become ubiquitous in today’s online world, spurred by the rise of:

  • Facebook stories
  • Instagram Reels
  • YouTube, and
  • ICT Tac.

According Digital 2022: South Africa Report, for example, nearly 96% of local Internet users watch online video content every week.

User-generated videos, in particular, have grown in popularity. These are original, brand-driven videos created by customers and consumers who share them on their own social media platforms. He understands:

  • explanatory and demonstration videos
  • product unpacking, and
  • testimonials or reviews.

Since these coils are not created by the brands themselves, they are often seen as more authentic, reliable, and trustworthy by online audiences. User-generated videos have a much greater influence on buying behavior, effectively delivering personal recommendations, tips and brand information to friends and family.

When managed effectively, they can be powerful marketing tools for your brand.

The rise of interactive content

To prevent your target audience from mindlessly scrolling through your social media content or website, consider creating dynamic, interactive content that drives active engagement and creates memorable and unique brand experiences.

Examples include:

  • augmented reality shopping
  • ‘scrolllytelling’, and
  • interactive videos.

The good news for brands is that interactive content doesn’t have to be expensive, and content can often be repurposed in multiple ways across different platforms. So, by going the extra mile to grab your audience’s attention, you’ll quickly see the effects of your efforts on your conversion numbers and bottom line.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to partner with an experienced marketing-communications agency that can guide you in improving your customer journey and boosting your results with cutting-edge techniques and strategic interventions. .

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