The difference between a “good ad agency” and a bad one, according to Mike Auton, 8-figure marketer

How can a business owner select the right advertising agency?

As a marketer who has generated tens of millions of online sales, Mike Auton can quickly tell a good ad agency from a bad one. Unfortunately, bad advertising companies have become all too common. They’re set up like a conveyor belt – playing the “numbers game” where they constantly pursue new customers but care very little about keeping existing ones. These types of agencies often supply poorly paid and poorly trained media buyers. And not only are they lacking in communication, they also don’t advise companies on how to be successful with their ads – often just tying up their customers to get that “next paycheck.”

On the other hand, a good ad agency genuinely cares about their clients and the success of their business. They make it their mission to provide a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated media buyer and / or account manager who truly understands the client’s business. Ideally, they also create a personalized marketing plan for each client, agree to mutually agreed-upon goals, hold regular meetings, and / or provide written and video updates – all with the ultimate goal of helping businesses grow. how the customer WANTS them to develop. .

Reputable advertising agencies such as Mike Auton Marketing Ltd. should ideally provide a wide range of additional services (on demand or as needed), including, but not limited to: Facebook and Instagram ads, copywriting, marketing ‘funnels’, creation and optimization of landing pages, retargeting campaigns, email campaigns and email marketing.

Why? Because businesses don’t just exist on one platform. Like their customers, their business is everywhere, which means their marketing needs to be too.

Advertising agencies must also be able (and willing) to advise and consult on extremely important aspects of marketing such as: creating videos and images, social media management and content, project management, CRMs, etc. And that’s what makes Mike Auton Marketing Ltd. different from other agencies – they care.

Many clients with established 6 and 7 figure businesses work with Mike Auton Marketing Ltd. on a performance-related basis. This means that they are only paid when their customers make a profit. And they’re very motivated to help customers make even more profit in a sustainable way, working with customers for years, not months.

“Because we all work together with a set of shared and clearly defined goals, this lends itself to longer-term collaboration. But – unlike many agencies, there is no contract that “locks you in”. Our clients stay because they enjoy working with us. It’s that simple, ”says Mike.

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About Mike Auton Marketing Ltd.

Mike Auton Marketing Ltd. is an advertising agency founded by Mike Auton to help business owners increase their profits in ways most marketers don’t even know about. The starting point tends to be Facebook ads and social media marketing, with the “final target” being the creation of a strong and comprehensive marketing ecosystem that helps the business grow profits for years to come.

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