The newly launched cryptocurrency “DogeShiba” is the largest meme coin released in 2022.

DogeShiba is a newly launched meme coin on the “DogeChain” blockchain that has already broken records by crossing $4 million in market capital in one week.

Once in a lifetime there is an opportunity that, if taken, can change your life forever. With the release of the new “meme” blockchain, the “DogeChain”, there is now an opportunity that could be what anyone participating in the crypto markets is looking for. Combining the names of the two greatest meme pieces of all time, Doge and Shiba, a new meme piece has been created which has the chance to become the greatest meme piece ever developed. This is DOGESHIBA. This is the first and best meme piece on the only meme channel. Although described as a meme coin, the DogeShiba team has already developed more than many coins before it in a much faster time. DogeShiba will always be part of the DogeChain ecosystem.

An Introduction to DogeShiba

Almost everyone in the modern world has heard of the DOGE coin and SHIBA at this point. Both of these coins have seen meteoric rises that have created millionaires virtually overnight. Cryptocurrency developers are still trying to capture that magic that these two super hits have found. Then comes the creation of the “DogeChain”. It is a blockchain created specifically for memes, harnessing the power of the DOGE coin as the primary currency. If the DogeChain is the chain for the best memes to exist, then there is no better meme piece than SHIBA to exist on it. This is where the birth and the idea of ​​DogeShiba came from. Two gigantic brands combining into one meme piece, on the meme chain to rule all other blockchains.


DogeShiba employs an accomplished team of developers who work tirelessly to not only top the list of meme plays but also build utilities and services for the entire DogeChain community. In no time, the developers have already created a token locker for other aspiring memecoins on the chain to lock their liquidity securely. They have partnered with exchanges and other coins to help build community and foster growth. They have created a wonderful NFT set of 25,000 NFT cartoon dogs “Shibes” which is already completely sold out! They have built a “minor” de-fi system, the first of its kind on-chain, for investors looking for a more stable and resilient de-fi investment platform. All of this was accomplished and delivered in just a few weeks. The DogeShiba development team continues to push and work hard every day to not only bring usefulness and functionality to DogeChain, but also bring hilarious good humored memes to everyone who joins the community!

thriving ecosystem

As DogeShiba grows, so does the whole of DogeChain. With partnerships offered to other reputable developers, new coins can be exposed to the wider DogeShiba community by offering a portion of their cash to DogeShiba stakeholders in exchange for the dev team’s stamp of approval. Trusted DogeShiba. Through the development of decentralized financial technologies that all chains need to function and exist, such as token lockers, trusted verification websites and pre-sale launch pads, DogeShiba is strengthening its own brand and bringing more action and beware of the DogeChain itself!

True to their roots

Even though the DogeShiba team strives to provide more and better utilities for developers and traders of the DogeChain blockchain, it always remembers its true identity as a coin. DogeShiba was born from the successful mega currencies DOGE and SHIBA. He will always remain a coin with the mission and responsibility for humor, happiness and positivity in the decentralized financial markets, whether they are down or up. Good vibes and laughter have been the main priority for the DogeShiba team. They have created a welcoming and inclusive community that everyone can be proud to be a part of.

Innovative Tokenomics and NFTs

Tokenomics is the cornerstone of every coin. Without sustainable Tokenomics, cryptocurrencies and businesses can crash before they start. Therefore, for a coin to stay afloat, it is of the utmost importance that Tokenomics is well-planned and flexible. Under normal conditions, DogeShiba applies a 10% tax on transactions, of which 5% is used for marketing, 4% for liquidity, and 1% for NFT rewards. However, the team developers can reduce these taxes in order to take advantage of specific market conditions. There is also a 2% limit on the amount a wallet can hold at any given time. This prevented anyone from grabbing a major supply for themselves. It really is a community coin at this point. DogeShiba also released their first set of 25,000 NFTs, which are completely sold out. Hitting 25,000 NFTs in such a short time shows how strong this community already is! This NFT set will live on the DogeChain forever and to get one now you need to buy it from someone else in an NFT market! The developers at DogeShiba have some exciting developments planned for this exclusive first set of NFTs.

An All Star Team of Crypto Fanatics

The DogeShiba team is truly a great group of friends who have decided to take the opportunity to build the biggest and best meme piece on the brand new meme chain, DogeChain. The leader of the DogeShiba team is “Latino”, a charismatic, hard-working and well-connected team member with years of experience in marketing, speculation and development of all kinds of cryptocurrencies. “Hatmonke” is the lead programmer, web developer, and smart contract developer and is widely known in cryptocurrency circles as the go-to man for deploying secure contracts. “Bogdanoff” is the head of security and cybersecurity and ensures that the project is not exploited by bad actors. Michael is the community manager and keeps the community atmosphere positive whether the market is up or down. “Jennifer” is the social media manager and is at the forefront of connecting DogeShiba to all social media platforms. “S_O” is the main graphic designer and ensures the artistic direction of the project. There are also more unnamed team members here helping out, whether through writing, community support, technology stress testing, writing code, debugging code, and social media awareness. The team is always on the lookout for talented new members to help them on their quest to become the greatest meme piece of all time.

Further details about the project can be found on the official website and social media platforms.



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