Tips for adapting to the latest local SEO changes made by Google

Google is constantly changing, evolving, adapting and updating. This is a fact that I have seen firsthand after several decades in the marketing business.

Unfortunately, all of these changes and updates have surprised many businesses, leaving them with the consequences of being misinformed.

One of the biggest changes in the last few years is local search and SEO in Google. Read on to learn about some of the most significant changes and updates that have happened so you know what to do to make sure your website is always found.

Improve the quality of the local exam

Today, reviews are grouped by subject. This update has been mentioned on a timeline, and you can see that a badge is in place for reviews.

Google is also starting to revamp the presentation of third-party reviews.

The opinions of third parties are always as important as those displayed in the info sheet. They show up in organic searches, which means you need to know where you are at.

It is estimated that 45% of updates were related to local SERPs. The changes show how important it is to have recent reviews, third party reviews, and reviews with relevant comments.

Relevance, recency, sources, and review topics all play a role in how the local SEO algorithm ranks them. As a marketer, you need to understand where your customers stand for each of these factors and make sure that quality reviews are created.

Edit knowledge panels using offsite and onsite sources

Google has been working on the overhaul of the local knowledge panel in a big way. It begins to develop into a single entity, including third-party data. This means that it displays more information about the customer and can be filled with information sources that you cannot access.

Even though these things seem out of hand, you might be able to influence what Google uses. Some areas to check in your panel to make sure that incorrect content is not included are:

Google Business Profile Completion

  • Diagram
  • Robot directives
  • Site content
  • Industry sites
  • Google Reviews
  • Third Party Reviews

Be sure to correct your data sources and test the appearances of your info card when you can. Even if the corrections you make seem insignificant, Google will find the new information and change things based on it.

Improve local SEO efforts

You can only make sure your website meets the new local search requirements by knowing how things are going. The information here gives you a general overview of what to expect. Make sure to keep this in mind and, if necessary, work with the professionals to make sure you have someone to make sure the local SEO efforts meet the latest upgrades and requirements in place. Being informed will help you in these marketing efforts.

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