Top 10 Important Reasons Why You Should Use Python

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February 19, 2022

Discover the top reasons why your business is using Python to develop intuitive and engaging web and mobile apps.


Are you considering digitizing your business or have a business idea to develop? If so, one question must prevail in your mind, which programming language to use to implement your project idea. Although there are many development languages ​​available, Python is one of the few languages ​​that more experienced developers prefer for building applications.

The reason for the great importance of Python is due to its ability to produce outstanding results along with various additional benefits. That’s why almost every business today relies on Python development services to build their apps and gain a strong position in their niche. Let’s take a look at some reasons in this blog that will help you understand why you should use Python for your project development.

What can Python do for your business?

Python has countless applications in the programming world and can be of significant value to your business. Python is a widely known language for its pragmatic features such as easy readability, database management, security, integration with third-party tools, traffic management, etc.

All these features are extremely crucial for running a profitable business application. Here are a few more reasons why Python should be the first choice for your business applications:

  • Python can create an intuitive and interactive user interface for your website or mobile app.
  • It’s a great language for new-age technologies and concepts like big data, machine learning, data analytics, visualizations, and more.
  • The scripting language is simple and can create small efficient programs to automate operational tasks.
  • Python acts as an accessible source code for different assets like your company website, apps, etc.
Companies that have leveraged Python for their web and app development

Your doubts about Python might fade away after learning that a large number of leading companies around the world are using Python for their operations and projects. More or less, all recognized companies in the world use Python. Some of the main mentions are

  • google
  • instagram
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Spotify
  • netflix
  • IBM
  • Reddit

There may be good reasons for these prominent companies to use Python to develop their applications and run their operations. Therefore, you should also hire Python developers and start building your project with Python.

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Top Reasons to Use Python for Your Business Needs

Building an app or website for your business is usually done once every two years. Hence, you need to select the most suitable option which can be beneficial for your business growth. Below are some Python features that will help you understand why Python is a good choice for your business needs.

1. Versatile Programming Paradigms

Python supports multiple programming paradigms such as object-oriented, structured programming, etc. Some of Python’s features use functional and aspect-oriented programming concepts.

Python also offers automatic memory management and has a dynamic type system. All of these programming paradigms make Python ideal for developing complex, large-scale web and mobile applications.

2. Simple code readability

The quality of the source code when creating a program determines the ease of maintaining and updating the software application at later stages. Python is a remarkable language that uses simplistic and easy to understand codes to write programs.

Python uses a plethora of English keywords and punctuations in its programming codes which makes it easier for the developer to interpret the code when needed.

3. Multiple frameworks for project development

One of the reasons why most companies hire Python programmers to build their projects is the availability of multiple frameworks in Python. Python has many robust frameworks such as Django, Pyramid, Flask, Bottle, Cherrypy, etc. which are ideal for developing dynamic, intuitive and attractive web and mobile applications.

Python GUI frameworks and toolkits such as PyJs, PyGUI, PyQT, Kivy, PyGTK, and WxPython are great for developing applications at a faster pace and cheaply.

4. Compatibility with major platforms

Python is an interpreted programming language that supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Code developed in Python can run on any platform without recompilation. This makes it easier for developers to work and they can make updates to a program easier and faster without increasing development time.

5. Simplifies complex software development

Python is a language that has the ability to develop complex scientific and numerical applications. Moreover, Python has the necessary features to facilitate data analysis and visualization. Data analytics is an extremely useful feature that can be used to create custom big data solutions for different businesses.

Moreover, the various data visualization APIs and libraries provided by Python allow you to visualize data and present it in a more attractive and effective way. To your surprise, Python is among the very few languages ​​that can be used to accomplish AI (artificial intelligence) and NLP (natural language processing) tasks.

6. Promotes Big Data

Today, big data has become one of the most important aspects of a business. The business insights that big data can generate can be extremely crucial in designing workflows and other marketing aspects of your business.

Python is an excellent choice when it comes to developing analytical tools and datasets. Leveraging advanced machine learning programming, Python can be used to develop countless analytical applications for your business.

7. Encourages test-driven development

Python is preferred over other programming languages ​​by companies, usually because it offers test-driven development. Most Python frameworks use a test-driven development (TDD) approach which helps in creating software prototypes faster.

The programmer you will hire from Python development services can write the necessary tests before writing the codes and use these tests to continuously evaluate the application code. These tests can also be used to check if the application meets predefined requirements based on its source code.

8. Powerful and Extensive Standard Library

A big advantage you get by choosing Python over other languages ​​is its comprehensive set of robust standard libraries available online. As Python is an open source language, an infinite number of libraries are available that allow you to choose a wide range of modules and solutions for your business needs. Each module can be modified according to your needs, and you can even browse the documentation of these libraries to understand the code you are using.

9. Integration with IoT

IoT is becoming one of the main industries of the future. Every company will soon give up IoT concepts considering their outstanding advantages and efficient advantages in energy consumption.

Python offers platforms like Raspberry Pi that help Python developers develop codes and physical devices using IoT concepts. This allows companies involved in this field to choose Python as their preferred programming language.

10. Supports SEO Principles

Your mobile and web applications are not limited to a simple and interactive user interface. In order to outperform the competition, your web and mobile applications must be SEO optimized so that they can rank higher in search engines.

Few people know that SEO is not only related to website content and its formats, programming languages ​​also help to make a web application SEO friendly. The Python Django framework allows programmers to create readable hyperlinks that use various SEO principles and relevant keywords that automatically improve your website’s ranking in the SERPs.

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Every business wants a functional, secure, robust and search engine friendly application. Python in every aspect delivers magnificent results and ensures that the application you develop through Python development services is one of the best in its class. Plus, with support for the latest technologies like Big Data, AI, and ML, choosing Python for developing your business needs shouldn’t be a hassle anymore. You can hire python developers at great prices from Citrusbug, which has over seven years of experience building top-notch apps for all industries.

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