Tucker Carlson hosted violent misogynist influencer Andrew Tate. Here are some examples of Tate’s extravagant commentary.

Andrew Tate appeared on Tucker Carlson tonight last night following a series of bans from social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok for his misogynistic and violent posts.

Tate first appeared in the public eye as a kickboxer, then appeared on the reality show Big brother until he was pulled from the show after homophobic and racist tweets and a video of Tate beating a woman surfaced online. He started a multi-million dollar webcam program with his brother Tristan in which viewers paid to interact with women online and said it made him a “pimp”, defining him as a “positively inspiring person and motivating” for the women he employed.

Tate has been appearing in right-wing media since at least 2017, when he appeared on an episode of Paul Joseph Watson’s InfoWars show titled “What They Don’t Tell You About Depression” after he tweeted “depression n ‘isn’t real” (Tate also expressed this idea on TikTok). In 2019, the Tate hosted The Alex Jones Show, where he praised Jones and focused on “personal sovereignty”. He also appeared on the show in 2020 to advocate against coronavirus mandates.

Tate owes at least some of its viral fame to its ‘Hustlers University’ online course, which, according to Insider, “works much like a multi-level marketing system, where users primarily earn money by convincing others to join their network”. For $49 a month, users receive “‘expert’ advice on a variety of topics, including cryptocurrency, writing, real estate, and stock analysis” and can earn money when recruiting others to join the program. To fuel the recruiting, fans are reposting Tate’s comment on social media, including TikTok.

YouTuber Philip DeFranco has collected a number of examples of Tate’s worst toxic comments, including:

  • While holding a machete, Tate described how he would use one to attack a woman in bed: “Have you ever seen a woman try to do something competently? Oh, you cheated, you cheated. It’s hitting with the machete, boom in her face, then grabbing her by the neck.
  • Speaking to a girl DeFranco claimed was underage, Tate told her, “Once you’re 18, if you want to find yourself a real man, I know a guy.”
  • Tate said that if a woman performs on paid-subscription website OnlyFans and has a boyfriend, “she owes him money because she’s his.”
  • Tate compared women to children and dogs, saying, “If I have a responsibility over her, then I must have some degree of authority,” like a parent or pet owner would. .
  • Tate said: “Women should clean up. Not only should women clean, but women should clean uninvited.
  • He also said, “I will not administer CPR unless you are a sexy woman.”
  • Tate commented that ‘rape victims should ‘take some responsibility’ for their attacks and date women aged 18-19 because it can ”leave an imprint” on them, according to videos posted online , and made a statement that “I’m not a rapist, but I like the idea of ​​being able to do whatever I want. I like to be free.”

Here are more of his horrific comments regarding women and gender over the past two years:

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