UXmeter: the most efficient way to find the most popular UX designs

UXmeter ranks websites based on UX designs using a universal scoring system called UX Points

October 19, 2021 – Today we live in a digital world and providing a seamless and frictionless digital experience is extremely essential. An optimized user experience is a basic requirement, and it has now become an essential part of any strategy for a successful business. Great website design can help businesses effectively impact their business in this digital ecosystem. And here’s a platform that helps find great website designs to be inspired by.

• Finally, there is a platform that displays the best website designs in each category.

• In addition, UXmeter also allows users to compare web designs and find the best one to be inspired by.

The School of UX launches UXmeter, a platform for measuring the UX of web designs. It’s as exciting and simple as using Tinder, but finding the most popular website design to take inspiration from. UXmeter showcases the best website designs from all categories like finance and sports and ranks them based on UX design.

UXmeter generates a universal score for ranking web designs. This universal score is based on the answers to five simple questions and this score is called UX Points. The questions are simple yet effective in uncovering the aesthetics, usability, and other crucial factors of the website for a great user experience.

“We love to criticize the design of websites and applications. Still, we find it hard to give many examples of what well-designed ones look like. Things sure aren’t going so badly, and isn’t Apple’s website the only one to admire? At UXmeter, websites are ranked solely based on user experience design by industry professionals and the general public, all using a universal scoring system called UX Points. – Sergei Golubev, founder of UXmeter and School of UX.

People today are influenced by product reviews, and it actually helps them make a decision. But when it comes to website design, people have to rely on platforms with limited functionality like Google Reviews and Yelp. However, UXmeter not only makes it possible to evaluate the design of the website but also to compare the design with other websites. Additionally, anyone, including the general public and professionals in the design industry, can rate website designs on UXmeter.

In addition, UXmeter allows users to quickly see which of the compared website designs is the highest rated thanks to its “Design-off” feature. Additionally, top rated designs appear under Top Website Designs, making it easier to find good real world design examples.

Sergei Golubev, founder of UXmeter and the School of UX, is a designer and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. He has worked with companies like Microsoft, Heathrow and British Gas. Sergei thrives most when it comes to developing innovative products that solve real world problems. Sergei wanted to create a platform where people can find lots of good examples of actual web designs that can inspire them. Therefore, he developed UXmeter, where people can find and compare effective website designs.

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