Versadock Lymington New Forest nominated for DAME award

VersaDock leads the way by offering innovative floating dock and modular dock solutions. Founded in 2001 and based in Lymington, it is now an established global marine brand with a reach across six continents. Its products have been tested from the extreme cold of Antarctica to the hurricanes of Florida and the scorching heat of the Middle East.

The company has now been nominated for a prestigious DAME design award, for its new product the Z Series: a new float that makes it easier to accommodate wider hulls and keel boats.

The design is divided into two key areas: the layout of the adjustable rollers (patent pending) and the shape of the design (registered design).

The Z Float is the only roller system available offering a height adjustable keel and side rollers, allowing the widest range of hull shapes to be safely accommodated while benefiting from the cushioning effect of inflatables. When the middle floats lock into place in a dock, the force of the advancing vessel cannot push the center float forward, while its weight cannot force the float down. It is a three-dimensional plastic version of a keystone in a wall.

The unique center float has been designed to allow the mid section to be fully removed to facilitate keel boats or ski boats with Skegs. These ships were unable to take advantage of this style of dockside training system, so they had to either launch and recover or use Antifoul.

Chris Davison, director of Versadock, comments,
“The Versadock team is incredibly proud to have this product nominated for the prestigious Dame Awards. It is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication and to see it recognized for an award that I have always coveted is phenomenal.

This float will be the first Versadock float not only designed but also manufactured in the UK, as part of Versadock’s commitment to reducing carbon footprint.

The DAME Design Awards were launched in 1991 to promote design across all disciplines and recognize the best designed products at METSTRADE. Its unique relevance in the global marine market has grown alongside the explosion of design awareness in the world around us, from cars and architecture to fashion and consumer goods. In rendering its judgments, the jury seeks to highlight the importance of design for all marine products, from function to aesthetics and from packaging to the final product.

The DAME jury also considers the expected impact on the maritime industry of the entries, their fitness for intended use, level of innovation, cost, ease of use or installation and environmental impact. Up to seven category winners and the overall winner will be chosen from the nominated entries. Products that the Jury considers exceptional, but which do not win the prize in their category, will be awarded a Special Mention.

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