Vida Social Magazine is Omaha’s only bilingual magazine

OMAHA, Neb. – With a growing Hispanic population in the metro area, more resources are needed to accommodate it adequately.

“We love working within the Hispanic community, we are heavily involved with other nonprofits and in the city,” said Armondo Salgado, owner of LingoDocs Marketing. “We work with the workforce and help people hire members of the Hispanic / bilingual community.”

“We love our community, we love to help our community and we have grown through our community and grown with our community,” added Salgado.

LingoDocs offers a number of services, including menu and sign printing, as well as web design services. From banners and business cards, to bilingual customer support and screen-printed shirts, Salgado’s company has positioned itself as a full-service marketing agency.

LingoDocs is also the publisher of Omaha’s only bilingual magazine, Vida Social Magazine, which is published monthly. Each edition, Vida Social presents a “hombre y mujer del mes”, or in English, a “man and woman of the month”.

“These are Latino men and women who do things to help the community in various aspects of life. They come from business, social, nonprofit, arts and music. We want to let Omaha know that this community contributes more than what people know. “

The company also handles shipping to Mexico for its customers to ease and reduce much of the confusion and shipping costs.

Vida Social magazine is free and has been in print since 2006.

LingoDocs is ready to help other businesses and organizations connect to the Hispanic market. In fact, he currently has a wall full of business cards that represent a cross section of companies and clients he has worked for in the past.

LingoDocs Marketing is located at 42nd and F Street in Omaha.

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