Watch Dogs: Legion update 4.5 adds “Legion of the Dead” surprise mode

In a word: If you’ve enjoyed Watch Dogs: Legion but are up for something different, you might be happy that Ubisoft added a new zombie mode in the latest update. This is a public alpha test on PC only for now. Once it enters beta testing, console gamers should have the chance to play.

Watch dogs: Legion of the Dead puts one to four players in London with zombies filling the streets. The main objective is to steal resource packages from Albion and the Kelley clan and reach the extraction point. Successfully surviving and completing the Supply Race with the minimum number of packages earns players “Z-Creds” to purchase weapons and gadgets for subsequent races.

Players start with a random survivor and gadget. There is no level agent export from Campaign mode, which seems reasonable to keep the balance in a PvE affair. Moreover, Legion of the Dead is a game in its own right. From a gameplay point of view, the mechanics are the same as in the campaign mode (video below). It’s the general goals that make it different.

The main objective is to get the supplies and get to the extraction point. Killing zombies is not a prerequisite. In fact, Ubisoft says one tactic is to draw Zeds towards the enemy. While they’re busy battling the horde, players can slip inside, steal supplies, and then run away without getting into a shootout.

You can unlock Legion of the Dead mode from the Ubisoft Connect application (or website). It’s under “Free Games”. However, it’s only available to PC gamers at the moment. Ubisoft says it wants to make sure it can roll out quick updates during alpha testing and that it can do that better with the PC version. He said he’ll bring it to consoles, Stadia, and Luna once it hits beta, but doesn’t have a timeline for when that will be.

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