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Mixdown Magazine, Australia’s number one news destination for musicians, audio enthusiasts and music creators, is looking for an experienced Editor for its Melbourne-based team to administer content for its website and media. social networks.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Application of Mixdown’s SEO strategy to all site content.
  • Coordinate Mixdown’s advanced social media channels and strategies to drive engagement and audience growth.
  • Help meet production deadlines for Mixdown’s bi-monthly print magazine across a range of tasks.
  • Create and send e-newsletters to subscribers and generate subscriptions through initiatives that fear contests and giveaways.
  • Work closely with the Mixdown Sales Director and help find leads, interact with advertisers and design business content opportunities.
  • Manage the deployment of commercial and branded content on Mixdown’s digital platforms.
  • Research and creation of timely news articles and long lasting editorial features in line with defined content strategy

As an ideal candidate, you will have:

  • At least one year of experience in a professional editorial or media environment.
  • A graduate degree in journalism, media, communications, professional writing or a related field.
  • Exceptional writing and editing skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Experience using a web based CMS like WordPress or Drupal.
  • Experience using all major social media platforms.
  • An understanding of musical instruments and the professional audio industries.
  • The ability to play a musical instrument and have experience in music performance or music production is highly desirable.

Please send your cover letter and CV to [email protected]

About Furst Media

Furst Media is an Australian independent music, fashion and lifestyle publisher.

We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer and committed to providing an inclusive work environment that embraces and respects diversity of gender, identity, race or disability.

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