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Toei Animation is responsible for some of the most popular anime, but unfortunately several series have been postponed after the studio’s recent hack. Toei Animation was originally established in 1948 as “Japan Animated Films” and has since dominated the anime production industry. The studio worked on Sailor Moon Crystal, Digimon, Saint Seiya, Mazinger Z, dragonball, and Yu Gi Oh just to name a few. They have also appeared in several successful western animated series, including Inspector Gadget, Snorks, Miraculous Ladybug, Transformersand Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987). However, tragedy struck the reputable studio and several fan-favorite anime got delayed as a result.


“We confirmed that a third party illegally accessed our network on March 6 this year and suspended part of our internal system.”

Once intruders gained access to the website and internal systems, some files were deleted, modified or corrupted during the security breach. The official announcement wasn’t made until March 11 (five days later), so it’s unclear when the hackers were discovered and how long they had access to the systems. The Toei Animation team is working tirelessly to recreate the necessary content to fill in the gaps. When Toei Animation discovered they had been hacked, the studio immediately went offline, temporarily delaying the creation process further but preventing more data from being corrupted. To be on the safe side, the studio has also temporarily shut down its online store, in case hackers find a backdoor in the store’s systems.

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dragon quest

Dragon Quest Toei Animation

Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure seems to have pulled the end of the stick, as the show began airing reruns almost immediately after systems were shut down in response to the hack.

Episode 73 was supposed to air the day after the studio announced the security breach, so they were forced to rerun episode 31. Leona’s rescue mission in place. Toei Animation aims to deliver new content to viewers by April 9, 2022, having run three weeks of reruns in the meantime (starting March 17).

A play

The main cast of One Piece

This popular Shonen-anime was missed by Fuji TV viewers after the studio was hacked, although the timing coincides with a Nagoya Women’s Marathon hedging event that took place at One Piece usual time slot. Unfortunately, fans will have had to wait even longer to Straw Hat Luffy – The Man Who Will Become The Pirate Kingwhich was set to air on March 20.

A play has been officially postponed, with no details on when the new episodes will air. Luffy fans will have to settle for seeing the Land of the Wa Arc while waiting for the studio’s problems to be resolved. Thankfully, the Manga has not been discontinued and is still on the way for the final chapter release in Japan on March 28th.


Digimon ghost game anime

The tenth installment of Digimon The franchise has only aired since October 3, 2021, but production has already been put on hold. Fans were eagerly awaiting episode 22 titled “Nightmare“, which Toei Animation had planned to release on the same day as A play, however, the pirates thwarted these plans.

Fuji TV has decided to replay episode 1 of Digimon Ghost Game on March 20, followed by a replay of previous episodes from the first season. Like with A play, this delay is indefinite, though Toei Animation has promised to provide updates on the show’s progress once they have a better handle on things. There would be at least 24 episodes of ghost gamewith “Moaning insects” and “distorted love” still (hopefully) to come.

Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes


the Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes The film has been building hype since the first trailer was released on October 7, 2021, with many fans pre-ordering tickets. The film was originally set to release on April 22, 2022, however, there is now no certainty as to when Gohan, Piccolo and the gang will make their return.

“Toei Animation…has been the victim of unauthorized access to its network by a third party. This made the production of the film difficult. As a result, we have no choice but to postpone the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. We apologize to those who are eagerly awaiting the release of the film. However, we will announce a new release date in the near future. Thank you for understanding.”

Early machine translations of the Japanese statement suggested the hackers got hold of a copy of the film with the intention of leaking it. It has not been confirmed if there was a translation error or if these facts are correct, but nothing has been revealed regarding the leaked images yet.

Delicious Pretty Cure party

Delicious Party Pretty Cure Toei Animation

Fans were deeply disappointed as they eagerly awaited Episode 6 of Delicious Pretty Cure Party (a.k.a Pre-cooking) on March 13, but met Episode 4 The desire grows… Birth of Cure Spicy! in place.

There will apparently be a three-week setback regarding the release of future episodes of the new cooking anime, but it seems that Delicious Pretty Cure Party will have a short season, as only 8 episodes were originally confirmed – so hopefully there aren’t too many things to sort out on this anime. Separation from TV Asahi Hugtto! Precure Futari wa Precure All Stars Memories in three parts, to be shown instead of the Cookingdom story. The first episode aired on March 20, and the other two are due on March 27 and April 3.

Why did this happen?

Toei Animation Logo

Before news of the piracy scandal broke, Toei Animation had already spent a considerable amount of time in the spotlight. Being one of the best anime production companies, Toei Animation is responsible for some of the most popular series of all time, which obviously comes with a huge fan base. Fan artists have dedicated their skills to creating artwork from these inspirational anime, but Toei has made some questionable decisions when it comes to fan projects.

With almost as much severity as Disney studiothe animation company used editorial laws in their favor, shutting down the popular Youtube channel of Totally unmarked and more in the process. Toei Animation’s questionable tactics have enraged countless fans who themselves enjoy creating fan art, and a strike has been called in solidarity with the Youtube Star. It is possible that the hackers used these recent scandals to justify their attack. Until the culprits are apprehended, we will never know for sure.

Source: Toei-Animation and DBS.com

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