Where can I find a client? Engre.co comes to the rescue!

The inability to find clients is dangerous because a business cannot correctly forecast revenue, gain experience, and grow. For some, this problem blocks access to attract good customers. But you’re in luck – we’ve found a perfect place for you, which can solve any problem!

What is the self-employed market?

On freelance stock exchanges, anyone can find suitable employment and receive monetary reward for it, as well as find clients for businesses. There is an opportunity to get rid of the whims of bosses and submission to an inconvenient work schedule.

Having said goodbye to routine, you can start working when you have the strength and time, it is comfortable to plan a work schedule for yourself. At the same time, the range of services that freelancers offer on many exchanges is extremely wide, from crafting a logo or writing a slogan to building sites from scratch. At the same time, salaries can range from a few cents for small services to several thousand in foreign currency.

First of all, the exchanges are an opportunity to “get hold of” beginners in various fields: web development, network administration, design, photo processing, video editing. In addition, students of more general fields, such as online advertising and copywriting, will also be able to find work.

The exchanges make it possible to reconstitute the portfolio with examples of work carried out. At the same time, you can earn a little extra money – feel, so to speak, the taste of the reward for your work in your favorite company.

On the exchanges, you can often find a client who will offer to cooperate on an ongoing basis for a more decent payment. But this is possible if the freelancer is positive, has a portfolio and good reviews from other employers.

A good knowledge of the English language makes it possible to work on exchanges abroad and considerably widens the choice of a freelance.

To achieve good freelance results, you need to put in even more effort than in the usual office routine of the main job. First of all, it requires strict discipline, the ability to manage your time and energy. Of course, don’t forget the skill level in a particular area.

There is an opinion that self-employment should be treated as an entrepreneurial activity since the entrepreneur is left entirely to himself and the result of the order, the solution of any difficulties that arise and, of course, the level of income depend only on him.

How to avoid mistakes?

In order for your activity on the freelance exchange to be successful and not end in failure, we will give you several recommendations that will help you avoid typical missteps.

  • Take care of your wallet. Beginners are often lazy to create a portfolio, hoping to do so later. But compiling a catalog of your most successful works and projects doesn’t hurt at all. This way, customers can immediately see what to expect.
  • A common mistake among inexperienced freelancers is to turn down a job they see as poorly paid. In the beginning, when no one knows your abilities and aptitudes, it is better to take the most diverse orders, even the lowest paying ones, in order to create a reputation for yourself.
  • Fulfilling ‘thank you’ orders shouldn’t be part of your plans, so you should always require prepayment or go through the appropriate exchange services, which can ensure that at the end of the job you will receive a monetary reward.

For many newcomers, independent trading is the only way to earn at least something to survive. It’s a bad attitude, a mistake that can lead to rapid burnout. Plan your day and learn to let go of what you don’t like.

Engre.co – The place of success

Degree is an international engineering platform that offers both: quality services and interesting projects for specialists. Yes this is the place where you can hire world-class engineers as well as finding large international customers. It is therefore a place where everyone meets their needs by finding a professional engineer or an interesting project.

Registering your business on the platform offers you many opportunities: by showing the range of services provided and successful cases, you will be able to find a suitable client who will fully satisfy your potential.

Every novice user, regardless of their field of activity, can find the most relevant and effective tools for finding customers. The platform has the greatest possible advantages:

  • The simple interface allows you to intuitively and quickly search for orders and freelancers.
  • Effective advertising on the resource will allow you to talk about your merits.
  • Several options for presenting your services – freelancers can choose the most convenient for themselves.
  • Quick registration

Moreover, as for advertising, we give a 50% discount to entrepreneurs on advertising with a promo code GISUSER50OFF – it will help you promote your business as quickly as possible!

How to convince a customer?

When several people apply for the same project at the same time, it is very important to stand out and make yourself known. If you don’t have a bloated portfolio and hundreds of reviews, it remains to win over the customer through personal communication.

When applying for an order, don’t be lazy and write down your ideas, interest in the job always wins out. Sometimes customers are given an extra bonus: for example, when it comes to website design, you can promise a free logo or email newsletter.

If you find the customer’s contacts, it’s always a good idea to do so. You can start the conversation by clarifying the details of the project, and then convince the client that you are the best fit for the job.

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