Youth Homes and Sallie Severns announce new partnership

CONCORD, California, May 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Youth Homes, a Bay Area nonprofit dedicated to empowering and supporting the community’s most vulnerable youth, is teaming up with Sallie Severns, Owner of State Farm Agency in Walnut creek, to support the launch of youth hostel empowerment workshops.

Shatae jones, Vice President of Residential Programs for Youth Homes, said, “Young people are eager to speak up and be heard about the things that matter to them. Youth Homes is delighted to take this opportunity to amplify the voices of young people. In collaboration with program participants, we will join us alongside our young people in facilitating and co-facilitating a series of workshops supporting their personal, professional, financial and educational goals.

A vital part of the initiative is the Youth Homes Tech Lab, which was designed to help close the gap for youth affected by the digital divide. People with unequal access to the Internet and other information and communication technologies are considered disadvantaged because they have less access to digital information, including the ability to learn through digital means. Ms. Jones said “The Tech Lab will help reduce inequalities in access to the ‘tools for success that many of us take for granted.’

Sallie Severns, said: “I am delighted to partner with Youth Homes on this new initiative to empower host youth. Empowerment is the result of connecting to resources and the ability to access information and learn freely, this results in the removal of barriers that affect youth access. personal well-being, financial independence, housing and employment opportunities. “

Ms Severns plans to include Myles Gámez (, a computer science student in the effort. Myles, who currently works at a Silicon Valley tech company, plans to work with Youth Homes to develop the workshop program. Myles Gamez said of her involvement: “I am delighted to give back to my community in such a meaningful way. I want to help other young people realize their potential.”

About youth hostels
Youth Homes, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, has empowered and supported current and former youth in foster care, young adults living with complex behavioral health issues, and underserved children since 1965 We are firmly committed to creating opportunities for young people to deal with and heal trauma, develop self-reliance and confidence, build and create healthy, safe and meaningful lives.

We believe that it is our collective responsibility to join forces and empower these young people who face almost insurmountable challenges. Learn more about us and our suite of programs designed to support and empower youth by visiting

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