Zestworld enters open beta with free comics and new site design

Zestworld, the premier digital comics platform for creators, has announced that the company will enter an open beta phase, which includes a new design for the site that makes it easier for readers to discover comics and directly support creators in various ways. Users will be able to read new comics on the site for free, while subscribers will have early access to the books, plus other creator-specific perks including behind-the-scenes reveals, messages, invite-only events. , virtual drawing sessions, and the possibility of having your likeness in an upcoming comic.

“We’ve spent the last few months testing, learning and iterating alongside our fantastic launch creators as we build Zestworld into the first creator-owned vertical scrolling comics platform,” said Chris Giliberti, CEO and co-founder of Zestworld. “During this time, our creator waitlist has grown to encompass hundreds of big names in the industry. We are excited to exit closed beta and welcome new creators in waves. Next step: David Marquez, Liana Kangas, and Bill Walko, among others, will join us to publish comics, fulfill orders, and build their communities through Zestworld. From there, we plan to double the population of creators on our platform every month. to meet both creator and fan demand, and encourage all interested creators to join our waitlist.

Aspiring creators can apply now by sharing their information and filling out a form via the Zestworld website: https://www.zestworld.com/creators/apply

“The Zestworld team that Chris Giliberti has assembled brings a wealth of knowledge and experience across technology, publishing and entertainment,” said David Marquez.

“The platform they’re building represents an incredible opportunity for creators like me to tell our own groundbreaking stories and engage with readers and fans in new and innovative ways. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better place to launch my new comic, The UnChosen.I’m especially excited to be offering digital commissions to my fans for the very first time, which is easier than ever with Zestworld’s commission request system.

Zestworld recently launched the comics industry’s first digital commissions tool for fans to check in the works of their favorite artists and also unveiled the Intellectual Property Rights Tool to help creators protect and adapt their content more transparently and fairly. For more information, visit Zestworld.com.

Source: press release

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