ZOZ: Final Hour has started beta testing in Brazil

ZOZ: Final Hour has started beta testing in Brazil

ZOZ: Last hour, the slash and shooter zombie attack RPG developed by Netease Games, has just launched its first period of closed beta testing in Brazil. Sixteen players at a time will be dropped off in the zombie infested town of San Yager to collect Blood Crystals, a highly lucrative substance that holds the answers to saving all of humanity. To collect the treasures, kill zombies or other mercenaries and steal their stash. The early access version of the game will feature around ten different weapons and other types of gear and use advanced AI technology to create the most challenging and unpredictable gaming experience for players.

The most unique aspect of the game which offers a very interesting and fun gameplay potential is that those who are killed will then switch to the enemy’s side and endeavor to prevent their opponents from performing the rest of the mission. .

Usually in a competitive game, death means the end. If you’re unlucky enough to be killed soon after the fall, there’s nothing you can do but start a new game.ZOZ: Final Hour producer K. Ghost says in the developer’s letter.We think this kind of punishment is too harsh and frustrating, and we have started to find a way to beat the mechanics of death. And There you go ! The Zombie Merc transformation mechanism – that is, the prey once turned into the predator – was born. (to laugh). “

For a more detailed understanding of the game, check out the trailer below. Those wishing to participate in the early access period can visit the game’s official website or their Google Play page to find out when the beta test will be available in a specific region. Nothing has materialized yet, so you will need to keep an eye out for process as it develops.


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